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Online Mental Health Services

Seek mental health help from your own comfort zone

 Services are by appointment only

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We are a team of enthuasiatic Malaysian mental health care providers comprising of both 




We're creating a comprehensive environment for our patients who are encountering difficulties in their mental health.

Medical Doctors specializing in mental health

Master-level graduates in clinical psychology

Showing you can stay home

Consult anywhere

Open all the time

Open 7 days

a week


Easy payment via bank transfer or E-wallet

No wait time

No waiting

time in the clinic

Easy appointments

By appointment only


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Patient First

We care about our patients. It's important to us that we get to help them get better. We treat every patient with our utmost sincerity and professionalism.

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Collaboration of Both Psychiatrist and Psychologist

We understand the importance for both healthcare professions to work together to improve mental health care for patients to prevent fractured care. Hence, in TeleHope Health, our Psychiatrist and Psychologist will discuss cases when required to provide the best care. 

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The team is led by doctors who understand the needs and struggles of patients and families. We strive to always be humane and ethical towards all our patients.

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Excellent Service

We are responsive towards enquiries and engagements. We treat every patient with the utmost respect and patience because we care. 

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Convenient & Flexible

You can seek professional help whenever and at your own comfort. No need to skip important engagements.

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Low Cost,

High Value

We are charging the minimum recommended fee as recommended by the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychologists.  We ensure all our Psychiatrists and Psychologists are certified.